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Industrial Battery Chargers

1. Battery Chargers

a. Thyristor Based / SCR Based Chargers
b. IGBT Based Modular Battery Chargers

Industrial, heavy duty Rectifier Battery Charger with full galvanic insulation. Designed to supply critical DC loads with stabilized continuous supply.

Ratings :
12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V or any custom made up to 2000A suitable for Lead Acid Flooded, SMF (VRLA) & Ni-Cd Batteries

Configuration of Battery Chargers

  • Float cum boost battery chargers
  • Float & Boost chargers
  • Float & Float cum boost charger
  • Dual float cum boost chargers
  • And many more options against client specific requirements

- SCR & IGBT rectifier, overvoltage, under voltage protection for reliable operation in all mains conditions.
- Soft-Start for start-up over current limitation.
- Standard configuration for cost-effective, short lead time solutions.
- Easy integration with external devices like Explosion Proof enclosure, Distribution Panels, Dropper Diodes, DC/DC Stabilizers.
- Comprehensive set of communication ports, like RS232 / USB / RS485 available as on optional, for total remote monitoring.
- Support vented/sealed lead acid batteries and vented/gas recombination NiCd batteries.
- Adjustable manual and automatic charging mode for maximum flexibility on operation.
- High-Speed last generation microcontroller, for best-in-class performance and reliability.
- High personalization grade of the internal layout and user interface.
- Active parallel configuration via CANBUS connection.

green secure energy systems industrial dc-system in bangalore


  • For Switchgear Protection
  • Instrumentation power supply
  • Telecom / Infocom
  • Power Plant and Substation
  • Railways
  • Fire Fighting system
  • D.G. set starting
  • Process Industries
  • Cement plants
  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Steel industries

2. Batteries

green secure energy systems industrial dc-system in bangalore
We supply all kind of Batteries like VRLA, SMF VRLA, Ni-CAD, Tubular, Plante and we do install them at site and we will undertake O&M, and site services.

3. Battery Sick Cell Charger

green secure energy systems industrial dc-system in bangalore
The Sick Cell Charger is basically a charger. This charger is used for servicing of 2V VRLA / 2V Tubular/2V plante/1.2V NiCAD cells in a battery bank. It can charge 1 to 5 nos 2V/1.2 cells and therefore can be used for reviving any weak cell in a large battery bank. It also has facilities to charge cells on-line without disconnecting the weak cell from the battery bank. The number of cell selection is auto / manual selection.

4. Battery Discharge Resistor Load Banks

green secure energy systems industrial dc-system in bangalore