Our Products

Distribution Boards, EOP Starter Panels & LT Panels

We design our Panels keeping in mind the experience gained in increased safety of personnel and equipment, ease of maintenance, installation and commissioning. The design incorporates a host of safety and convenience features. We meet the requirements of International Standards along with compliance to local standards and regulations.


Key Features

  • Custom Design
  • Busbar ratings upto 2000A
  • Short circuit withstand capacity of 50kA for 1 sec RMS
  • Cubicle type compartmentalised construction
  • Free standing, Floor mounting
  • Extendable on both sides
  • Cable entry from Top or Bottom
  • Customer choice of switchgear Upto Form-4 Construction Front and Rear Access
  • Single / Double Busbar system Auto Source changeover
  • PLC Logic for Source changeover
  • Distribution Panels suitable for outdoor installations

Board Range

  • MCB Lighting Distribution Boards
  • MCB Power Distribution Boards
  • HRC Fuse Distribution Boards
  • LT Metering Cum Distribution Panels
  • Vertical Power Distribution Boards
  • Load Banks